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Digital Marketing

A combination of strategy & tactics converge to create higher impression and drive more customers to your business. Smarks Group assist advertisers launch different keywords for periodical promotion, ad-hoc campaigns and annual campaigns. We can design & execute online marketing strategies for any size business. Social Media + SEM are designed to drive more leads to your online channels to build up

Social Media Marketing
Pay-per-click Ad Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization
Blog + Content Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Google Display Network
Graphic Design & Copywriting

Web Design

Developing a website for your business strives a balance between a beautiful design and the right functionality. We tailor your site to the needs of your business. Developing content to boost SEO allows us to establish you as the expert in your field. We include custom contact forms, questionnaires and ways to collect feedback.

We have determined your target audience and your business plan, we can help you to choose the right platform to accomplish your goals.

Framework Development
Site Map Design
Content Creation
Main Page Design with Animation

E Commerce

We help to achieve sales goals for your e-commerce business. Our strategy is simple. Developing a e-commerce website to increase sales, engage taget customers and build brand loyalty.

Payment Gateway
Membership System
CRM Management
Inventory System
Product Category
Shopping Cart System
Discount & Coupon System


Branding helps to identify your corporate image you want to build for your customers. There is more to giving a brand a life than developing a set of guidelines.

Logo Design
Graphic Design
E Card Design
TVC Production
Video Production
Photography Service